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My Journey

        Greetings everyone, I am a high school junior at La Martiniere Girls' College, in the process of discovering and making my own identity. I did not know what someone would want to know about me so I decided to tell my journey. Well, I would not call it my "journey-journey" because I suppose journies are complete, aren't they? And mine is probably less than even 20% complete yet. Anyway, let's begin. I've always loved art and computer sciences since the time I could work around with my fingers.
        I don't even remember my first drawing for I've been drawing since the time I could. I always wanted to experiment and try new styles and still do. I find the field of art so free and liberating that emotions or concepts that I can't express in words can be found hidden in my drawings. I've never really been one for making art on a given topic because I find that limiting. However, I do love picking themes and working on them.
        Coming onto computers, It became my first love the moment my eyes landed on a computer for the first time which was probably at the end of my kindergarten days. In the junior classes, I used to make presentations on the chapters taught at school and make dress-up "sort of" games on excel. When I was about to enter middle school, I was introduced to the world of coding and that was a true wonder for me. Sometimes I try to outrace my speed of the past code I have done, while sometimes it's just about writing the most efficient one. When my middle school years were ending, I had a craze to learn about web development and graphic designing. Therefore, slowly and gradually I did with the help of my teachers and of course Youtube.
        I suppose my knowledge in art helps me in being creative at coding. This fusion is what I love that fuels my imagination and passion to endeavour more insight into the two fields.